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Spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum.

The representation of coexistence is impossible in Time alone; it depends, for its completion, upon the representation of Space; because, in mere Time, all things follow one another, and in mere Space all things are side by side; it is accordingly only by the combination of Time and Space that the representation of coexistence arises.



Diptychs and Time Continuity

The Eye of God Series


A light beam goes through matter, infiltrates it and imposes itself; imprisoned light, heavenly light. Here is the idea of a universal sweeping, and as a full stop: a Heart.

Mondrian Series


Vertical lines, horizontal lines, and the silhouette of an unknown body.

The second character looks like a note on a stave.

One is imprisoned by the lines, the other on his way to embrace his destiny.

Stopping or going forward, two moments in a man's life.

Opening – Closing Series


Plurality, singularity.

On the first picture, the bright parallel lines are inhabited by a man in a saturated, partitioned, oppressive space.

On the second picture, an isolated line, a golden brown horizon. The purity of the line on an opalin background creates a breath, the breath of recovered freedom in infinite space.

Euphoria Series


Bottles rising like buildings are giving the picture strength and stability.

The second picture provokes a swing: something sparkles, explodes, levitates. The vicinity of bottles and luminous pastilles introduces a funny sensation, the one of inebriation and euphoria.

A poem is born, an oneiric universe.

Year 3000 Series


Metallic and disturbing black and white, a Fritz Lang's atmosphere that makes us say: what will be left after us? … Let each of us give an answer.

The pictures are displayed two by two, horizontally or vertically.

A common denominator goes through both pictures of each pair to give them a central theme; due to their contiguity, a narrative power as well as a time continuity emerge.

Between two pictures, a time takes shape.

Between two pictures, a story is written.

Let the spectator invent it...


Homeless Series


It's because an anonymous man used to live in one of these buildings in Hong Kong that this “homeless” writing takes on its full meaning. This going from everything to nothing then has a dramatical value, here even a tragic one.

Water and its fall Series


The vertical height of both pictures' display brings out the dynamics of the fall that is peculiar to rain shower.

Two variables combine here, a time variable (before-after) and a space variable (far-near). Their coexistence emphasizes the power of the message.

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