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Triumph Métisse 650 Custom

Hello People :)  
My name is William HUON and I am currently undertaking a degree at Oxford Brookes University in Motorsport Engineering.   
A friend of mine gave me the idea of crowd funding (like the website Kickstarter) to fund my dream bike project. It is going to more more a friend funding than crowd funding.  
You know that Christmas is not far from now so if you have no idea of a wonderful gift for me, there it is! Any donation will be ultra-mega nice :)  
From £1 to …. Let’s say funding the whole project would be great.   
I know that by funding my project you will have no “material” reward as the bike will be ONE only (at least for now). However you will feel a warm feeling of peace and good accomplishment that you made someone really happy today --> ME  
On this table you can see all the components I need to build my dream bike.   
The bike will be based on a Triumph 650cc engine from a TR6 Triumph imported from USA. The engine is already completely rebuilt in England and ready to fire.  
The next big component is the frame, which is a Métisse Mk IV frame from Métisse Motorcycle in Oxfordshire.  
I already have enough money, if I put all my savings, to buy all the components from the list of Métisse.   
I need help for the rest…a big help and obviously I will get some money other ways as well.  
The owner of Métisse motorcycle told me that I can work in his garage because he has all the tools and he can help me for anything really.  
Once I will have the first bits (maybe around January or February 2013), I can start the assembly and modification of the frame how I want it.   
I would update you with the advancement of the project on this page by publishing pictures and comments.  
When my bike will be done, I want to go around Europe and have some adventures! Awesome!  
You might thing that I am stupid and that nobody will give me any penny, let’s see! Even a little will help.  
You can forward this message to you friends if you think they might be interested in my project and in motorbike.


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