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Upright Design Concept



By using the SolidWorks simulation add-in, we have conducted a finite element analysis (FEA) of the upright and roll control device. When conducting the FEA on the upright, it was important to make sure that the correct loads were applied to the correct places and that the correct boundary conditions were put in place. When calculating the loads in the upright earlier, we found the maximum forces that would occur at the locations of the upper and lower ball joints during braking and cornering. This means that we already know not only the magnitude of the loads, but also the directions they will be applied in, and where they will be applied. During breaking and cornering, the upright will deform very slightly. These deformations will occur around the centre of the upright. This dictates that the boundary conditions will be placed around the inside of the middle hole of the component. Below are print screens of the boundary conditions and loads.

Results for the FEA on the upright.

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